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main character


Spud is a toy bear for children made from soft fabric and stuffed with quality cotton. He originated from a claw machine but Decided to escape and explore the animal world. He mostly communicates by writing and/or drawing pictures on his belly. Sometimes, whatever he draws will become real and help Spud on his adventures. Spud is smart and always manages to get himself out of trouble, eventually… Tommy Koala, the ruler of the arcade is determined to re-capture Spud. Spud’s escape has displeased him, he is determined to chase Spud down and lock him back up in the arcade. 
Spud’s Best Friend


Max is a Wild cat who has no owner, he is not very bright but makes it up with his kind heart, friendly and easy going personality. Max is the one who needs to be saved most of the time. He dozes off, runs around aimlessly… and stares at skyscrapers as they amaze him.

always willing to learn about new things in the outside world, but when it comes to school… he finds it very difficult to concentrate and focus on the teacher, he finds them “boring”…

Max’s Friend


Annie is the smartest and the most popular bird in the city. She is loved by everyone due to her helpfulness, almost a super power, Annie’s brain is big enough to store all the Wikipedia facts she has read in the past.

Besides being popular and helpful, she is also a karaoke fanatic and her deepest dreams is for all her friends to listen to her sing on stage.

SPUD’s Nemesis


Tommy is the ruler of the Arcade, he is a fluffy but mean leader who keeps the business and toys in order, and if anyone escapes, Tommy will do anything in his power to get them back in order to keep his business afloat.

Unfortunately, tommy is not the brightest koala in town, so Spud, Max and Annie are able to outsmart him at every turn.

He has henchmen who help him create a fearful atmosphere within the Arcade, but Spud is brave enough to not be shaken by it.

Max’s family

Max lives in a cardboard box with his parents, His Mum stays at home and is a full time housewife who watches TV and loves to do the laundry, even though the other two cats in the house don’t wear any clothes.

Dad works at a Cat Cafe. It’s a tough job but dad works very hard for the family.


Bob The Monkey often lends a hand (and mouth) to our friends Max and Spud, Literally. Bob’s specialty, as with any good monkey, is grooming. Whenever Max feels that itch, he calls on Bob Monkey to help get rid of the pests… usually fleas. Plus, Bob is awesome at video games!

Raised in the wilds of the city (ok… he lives in the trees in the park), no one is exactly sure where Bob originally comes from. Did he escape from the city zoo? Was he the pet of a fabulously wealthy family who are desperately looking for him? Is he a space monkey, who traveled to Earth with some space twins who can turn into stuff? Only time will tell…

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